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Parallel Lines

About Us

The Fearless Security Solutions team has over 250 years combined experience in investigations, security, training, and other related fields.  Each of our ten team members have specific areas of expertise and we leverage those skills for our clients.    

Fearless Security Solutions is primarily an Executive Security, Private Investigation, Consultancy, and Training firm designed and intended to provide viable solutions to clientele needing security, investigative, security consultation, training, and other support in order to thrive in any location or environment on Earth. We are not limited to work within the continental United States, and we are just as comfortable in outdoor, backwoods environments as we are in the Board rooms of major corporations.  

Our associates and staff bring incredible skillsets, expertise, experience, and dedication to each mission we undertake.  Many of our associates have spent years of their respective careers working in foreign countries, often under very austere conditions.  Their training and On-The-Job training has been extreme.  Each has had to learn to analyze complex problems and devise appropriate solutions quickly.  In many instances these solutions were unorthodox because more orthodox or typical solutions would not have succeeded.  Fearless Security Solutions is filled with associates who have accomplished extraordinary things throughout their careers in U.S. Federal Law Enforcement, U.S. military Specialized Units and Australian law enforcement and military units.  This group of exceptional men and women now share the goal of providing the most effective solutions possible to our clients regardless of the global location or the challenges involved.  


The unique backgrounds and diverse experiences of our associates provides numerous advantages to our customers including an amazing capacity in many foreign countries.  In addition to having personnel  throughout the United States, Fearless Security Solutions maintains associates and contacts in dozens of nations.  We have extraordinary depth throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.  Our working-knowledge, experience, and access to trustworthy counterparts provides not only unprecedented business opportunities, but also, multiple layers of security to clients regardless of location.           

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