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Fearless Security Solutions is primarily an executive security, private investigation, consultancy, and training firm designed to provide viable solutions to clientele needing security, investigative, security consultation, training, and other support in order to thrive in any location or environment on Earth. We are not limited to work within the continental United States, and we are just as comfortable in outdoor, backwoods environments as we are in the board rooms of major corporations.

All businesses, schools, churches, non-profit ventures, etc. begin with dreams and goals of people who feel the drive to achieve.  Here at Fearless, we share those dreams and goals, we embrace and supplement that drive. We provide the security, advice, and expertise necessary for our clients to achieve their goals.  To that end, we have recruited experienced, talented, and determined people as associates.  These associates help our clients attain their goals, fulfill their dreams, and successfully negotiate all obstacles along the way.


Our associates are accustomed to accomplishing the unthinkable in the most inhospitable environments and under the most challenging circumstances possible.  Their experiences produced individuals who thrive in chaos, who create ingenious solutions, and who strive for excellence on every mission.   


Our associates are predominantly former members of federal law enforcement or U.S. military units and are specialists in their respective fields.  They have worked throughout the United States and on almost every continent on earth.  They have spent decades in security, investigations, training, international and domestic Logistics, risk assessment, planning, and management and have demonstrated the personal courage, initiative, flexibility, and determination to succeed irrespective of circumstances or location.  In short, they are problem solvers.

We eagerly anticipate the challenges presented by our clients’ needs and manage each mission with strategies as unique as the challenge.

Our Services

Executive, VIP, Corporate, and Asset Security

Our team has protected Heads of State including multiple U.S. Presidents, U.S. Senators and Representatives, business executives, Hollywood producers, various entertainment celebrities, U.S. and other military dignitaries, and others who faced significant to extreme risks. 


Most of our investigative team members have between two and three decades of experience in investigations and intelligence gathering.

International Travel Consultancy

Foreign travel and Foreign assignments are the norm for many U.S. Federal Agents and Military personnel.  Nearly all Fearless Security personnel have traveled to or been assigned to foreign countries during their careers.


Fearless Security Solutions has certified instructors and subject matter experts in a wide array of disciplines.


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